Our Job

Most CPA's and tax professionals do a good job completing tax forms and capturing your deductions. The problem is that they focus on preparing tax returns and not on developing tax strategies. For them to make more money, they need to fill out more forms for more clients which means they have little to no time to stop and think about helping you and your business grow or even research tax strategies to help you save money. In the end, they only fill out tax forms and offer little proactive advice on how to minimize their client’s tax bill. Think about it, when was the last time your CPA came to you with a creative idea that can save you a lot of money?

Our approach is completely different. We spend all our time working with clients on tax strategies that make an impact as well as implementing tools to make your business run efficiently. We actually outsource filling out the tax forms since that adds little value to clients and we simply review them to ensure the strategies were reported correctly. We specialize in small business and high net worth personal tax strategies. We'll take all the burden of running a business or personal finances off your shoulders so you can focus on growing your business. We've developed state of the art systems that automate all the accounting, payroll, and tax reporting tasks and frees up your time as well as our time so we can both focus on what we do best.   


If you have more questions than answers about your financial information and you want to explore new ideas to make your business work for you, you need to talk to our professionals.  We offer creative, proactive and effective strategy development services for you and your business. There are two ways to get more cash out of your business: Either you grow your revenue or you reduce your costs. We offer services covering both revenue growth and cutting costs by focusing on your largest expense...Tax.

Technology Solutions

Our Technology Solutions team will build and implement custom solutions for your business. Examples include automated document generation, mobile apps development, and website design/hosting. We'll also implement 3rd party productivity applications to streamline your workflow and eliminate inefficient redundant business processes. 

meaningful accounting

Accounting is essential for understanding business performance and how to make more money, but most entrepreneurs don't review their own financial statements. Our accounting system converts the numbers into visual representations that are easily understood. In addition, our system auto-magically updates your information each day so you can get practical real-time data on your business or personal financial health. You can access the system through our mobile app or online from any browser.

Tax strategies developed for you

No two businesses are the same so you need to have strategies developed specifically for you. There are few universal strategies that will make an impact and reduce your tax bill. This may be part of the reason why your current tax professional hasn't brought you many ideas.

our tax and accounting system

Most business owners did not start a business to get bogged down in accounting for that business. Its tedious work that most entrepreneurs don't like. Even we don't like getting bogged down in accounting and tax reporting, and that's our business. We have developed an automated accounting system to eliminate the tedious work.

Step 1. Connect Your Accounts

All your transaction accounts need to be connected to our system to ensure we have the complete picture and information required to deliver our strategy.  These include accounts such as Banks, Credit Cards, Loans, Brokerage/Retirement, Payroll/Benefits, and any other Sales or Expense transaction accounts.

Step 2. Clarify Unknown Transactions

Our system will learn to recognize your transactions, but we'll need to clarify some unknown transactions that come through, especially as we first get started. Our system has a built-in communication tool that allows us to discuss specific transaction details securely and privately.  You should never discuss or send financial information through unsecured channels.

Step 3. Data Aggregation and Meaningful Information

We'll aggregate and process all transactions to generate financial information in a meaningful visual way. No more spreadsheets or financial statements that no one uses besides accountants. We'll build dashboards for you and your business that you can access online or through our mobile app.

Step 4. Modify Tax Plan Based on Real Information

Most taxpayers only see their CPA after the year has ended and all the CPA can do is report what already happened.  After the year closes, it's too late to structure transactions or strategies that will make a huge impact.  Our model changes that and is why we need real-time information.  Part of your reporting package on our system includes a real-time tax projection so there are no surprises at year end.  It also allows us to react to your situation and modify your tax plan in real-time to capitalize on opportunities before the year closes. This is proactive tax management.

focus on your business

Remove the tedious back office accounting and free up your time.  You'll be surprised at how much your business can grow.

How we work

1. Initial Conference Call

Talk with one of our team members to determine if we can add any value to your unique situation.

2. Review Preliminary Analysis Summary

Following our initial conversation, we will send you a preliminary Analysis Summary that describes potential strategies that may be right for your particular situation as well as quantifying estimated costs to implement the strategies.  

3. Feasibility Study

If moving forward with us, a $500 fee is required for a feasibility study where we deliver a comprehensive tax plan detailing each strategy supported with IRS Tax Code and will show you exactly how much you will save by implementing these strategies. That way you can see how much value we offer you prior to engaging our services.

4. Implementation

You can have our team perform the necessary action items to implement your tax plan or have us work directly with your existing tax professional.


As an alternative to the standard packages below, we also offer a performance fee option.  Instead of regular monthly fees, you can elect to have our fees calculated as a percentage of the economic benefit from our services.  For example, if our strategies save you $100,000 in taxes , our fee is 25% of the savings, or $25,000.  

One Time Only Services

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Try before you buy.  We can perform these functions one-time prior to enrolling in our standard packages.

  • Review prior tax returns for missed opportunities
  • Strategy feasibility study
  • Prepare personal, business, and/or trust tax returns
  • Accounting catch up
  • Develop or implement mobile apps for your business


per month

  • Connect your accounting system to our reporting system to convert your data into meaningful visual information available through our app
  • Annual Business Tax Return Preparation


per month

Everything in Silver Plus:

  • Automated Accounting & Tax System
  • Unlimited Consultations throughout year
  • Identify Tax Strategies for You and Your Business
    (Does Not Include Implementation Services)
  • 3rd Party App Implementations


per month

Everything in Gold Plus: 

  • Develop Apps for Your Business To Automate Workflows
  • Tax Strategy Implementation Services
  • IRS Audit Defense Included
  • Personal Financial System
  • Personal Tax Returns


Due to very high demand for our experts during tax season, we require prospective clients to schedule a time to talk with one of our team members.  Complete the form below or click on the live chat bot and we'll schedule an initial call to discuss your tax profile and potential strategies.